What we do

MADE In London is a new independent creative services company, designed to offer clients and agencies a more intelligent way to manage and integrate their brands’ creative execution and distribution across all media types and platforms.

The idea is 80%, but 80% is also in the execution

John Hegarty, BBH.

What’s different about it?

MADE In London offers a real and credible alternative to both the massive production houses that currently dominate the market and the disparate one-man-bands that make up the rest.

We have all the same capabilities as the big boys, but the craft and care of the smaller outfits brought together under one roof. Based on extensive experience of delivering press & print services to major UK clients, MADE In London also features full TV and digital production from the outset. Uniquely, our people are from agencies, client marketing backgrounds and major TV production companies as well as from the world of print.

What does MADE In London do?

MADE In London delivers the management and consolidation of a brand’s production execution across all media platforms. This integrated approach or ‘connection-planning’ ensures the brand’s creative, strategic and financial objectives are fully met, allowing clients and agencies to focus not just on outputs, but on outcomes as well.