Digital Media

Trying to describe the various uses of digital media to drive experiential engagement is about more than simply putting words onto the page.

We produce content in the forms of film & HD video, animation, graphics, audio, 3D and Apps. These are all vital and integral parts of the ‘online’ experience, delivered via the web. We design multi-platform experiences across broadcast TV, press and digital media, creating engaging relationships between brands, devices and end users.

What is vitally important is that the planning and execution of a multiplatform campaign isn’t considered or played-out in isolation.

Essentially, the core campaign idea forms the basis of our approach, but the execution is uniquely tailored to the requirements of new media.

We fully understand the protocols and the importance of process on this journey for both clients and agencies.

We are able to apply our production skills and competency, earned from our extensive experience in film, advertising and television to the delivery of rich-media content, for all platforms.