TV Production


 TV production is both the art and the science of combining a constantly variable and distributed range of skills in order to deliver the highest-quality content at the best possible price.

The idea is 80%, but 80% is also the execution John Hegarty, BBH.

Our TV offering involves two distinct activities: consulting and production.

Consulting is ‘strategic’ in that besides supplying expertise based on experience, the most important contribution is to provide perspective, to clarify the situation. An analysis of what you are currently doing will help you determine strategies and plan and execute production and distribution policies.

Production is ‘tactical’ in that we can effect real and immediate process and cost efficiencies by getting involved in projects either from the beginning or at the post-production and distribution stages.

With broad experience in both production company and agency methodology, we offer the full range of services from pre-production, shooting and post-production for commercials and digital to broadcast, corporate and 3D.

Our core competency is good judgement, based on extensive experience in delivery of the highest-quality content.